mSecure for Windows 8

Portland, OR (PRWEB) February 29, 2012

mSecure, a leading password manager app in the Productivity categories of the iTunes App Store and Android Marketplace, is now available for Windows 8 computing devices via Windows Store, which opened this week. mSeven is among a select group of developers to create a Metro style app for the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

mSevens made simple mantra goes hand-in-hand with the Metro design philosophy of Windows 8, said Ray Marshall, President and CEO of mSeven Software. mSeven is proud to bring mSecures security made simple to Windows 8 users.

mSecure for the Windows 8 Consumer Preview is a Metro style app using the simplicity of modern typography, alignment and design principles to create an app for everyday users. Intuitive navigation, easy-to-read lists and snap view search and viewing panels enable users to find and interact with their important data quickly with all the security that mSecure users have come to trust.

mSecure uses ultra-secure encryption to protect personal information such as account numbers, usernames, passwords and more. mSecure provides seventeen popular personal information templates with the ability to create custom templates, making it easier to input user information. mSecure for Windows 8 will also be fully compatible with the companys mobile products to help make personal information accessible and secure virtually everywhere its needed.

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Avectra Announces 2012 Award Winners


McLean, VA. (PRWEB) March 01, 2012

Avectra, a leading web-based Social CRM developer of web-based member and donor-based software for associations and not-for-profits, today announced its 2012 Innovation Award Winners at its annual user conference, the Avectra Users and Developers Conference(AUDC 2012), held February 26-28, 2012 in Orlando, Florida.

The Innovation Awards are presented to Avectra customers and partners in recognition of best practices and outstanding achievements accomplished with Avectra technology. The awards were peer nominated and selected by Avectra staff as well as a committee of users from the Avectra community.

Avectra Innovation Awards were presented to the following organizations in categories.

Pinterest, la nueva “varita mágica” del SEO : Marketing Directo

La gran demanda de Pinterest entre los usuarios es imparable. Los artículos sobre el tráfico de esta red social no cesa, pero poco se sabe sobre la importancia para el posicionamiento de contenidos. Sobre ello nos habla precisamente Fernando Tellano, que éxplica cómo actúa Pinterest sobre el SEO de nuestros contenidos.

  1. Pagerank: “A día de hoy, es PR6. Un buen punto de partida ya que el contenido integrado en la web heredará poco a poco parte de ese pagerank que, no hay que dudarlo, es alto. A medida que tu página reciba “pins”, todas las páginas de usuario y los tableros, no solo lo acaparará la web de entrada de Pinterest”, expone Fernando.
  2. “dofollow” – “nofollow”: “Los enlaces dofollow son aquellos que le dicen a los bots de los buscadores que son relevantes para el contenido y, en consecuencia, debe seguirlos para ampliar información y, además, compartir posicionamiento en buscadores con ellos. En portada de todos los enlaces son dofollow. En principio no parece especialmente interesante, pues todos son enlaces internos pero, como enlaza a perfiles de usuario, estos comparten posicionamiento, lo que es un buen principio”, afirma Fernando.
    “Tu perfil de Pinterest añade enlace a tu Web o blog, también hay enlaces a las webs de referencia. Solamente los enlaces al contenido original en la ventana emergente de los “pins”, de la imagen que los ilustra y enlaza ya a tu contenido original, son nofollow. Aquí es donde Pinterest pincha en SEO, en lo que a beneficio nuestro se refiere”, aclara Tellano.
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Open source is the concept of provide the design, functionalities, development, editing of the product for free usage and access.

All software has source code. Open source grants every user access to that code. Freedom means choice. Choice means power.

That’s why we believe OSS is inevitable. It returns control to the customer. You can see the code, change it, learn from it. Bugs are found and fixed quickly. And when customers are unhappy with one vendor, they can choose another without overhauling their entire infrastructure. No more technology lock-in. No more monopolies.

Benefits of OSS

Let’s consider the first question: «Why use open source?»
OSS applications are now available for every common type of enterprise software — from databases, application servers and Web servers, to Web browsers and office applications, to network monitoring software and security software. Of course, in all these categories, mature commercial software alternatives also exist. So why choose open source?

As we are talking about mobile technology, we take Opensource (OSS) in consideration.

Generally computer software which is provided to use are not provide with writes to change the codes and comes with copyrights. Such software is called close source software. While Opensource software comes with source code, with the rights of the full access and modifications. So we can analyze, edit and distribute that software. Generally Opensource software for the consideration of public usage. Now the question come in mind is why to use Opensource software?

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Calpont InfiniDB Columnar DBMS Empowers New Research

Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) February 29, 2012

Calpont Corporation announced today at the Strata Conference how its high performance analytic database InfiniDB is being used to solve new and emerging Big Data problems.

The presentation titled, Huge Data Analytics: Calpont InfiniDB Columnar DBMS Empowers New Research with The Worlds First Searchable Genotype Database, will be featured at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, February 29 in Ballroom G at the Santa Clara Convention Center. The presentation will discuss how advances in columnar databases are creating bio-science opportunities that were previously not possible.
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Insite Software Sees Strong Demand for B2B Ecommerce

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) February 29, 2012

Insite Software, a leading provider of B2B and B2C ecommerce platforms and shipping solutions, today announced that manufacturers and distributors at a recent Infor distribution user event attended B2B ecommerce presentations by Linda Taddonio, Chief Ecommerce Strategy Officer of Insite Software, in record numbers. Her sessions shared proven B2B ecommerce strategies that explored how to address The Effect within B2B ecommerce, use innovative business models to open new sales channels, leverage social marketing to build community around B2B ecommerce, and measure an ecommerce sites return-on-investment. Insite Software extended a special offer to Infor SX.enterprise, Infor FACTS and Infor A+ users at the event by offering a complimentary two-hour ecommerce consultation via phone to jumpstart the development of a unique B2B ecommerce strategy for their organizations.

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