Open Source Community to Gather in LA for SCALE 19x

Open Source Community to Gather in LA for SCALE 19x

The Southern California Linux Expo – SCALE 19x – returns to its regularly scheduled annual program this year from July 28-31 at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport hotel.

As this continent’s largest community-run Linux/FOSS expo, SCALE 19x continues a nearly two-decade tradition of bringing the latest Free/Open Source Software developments, DevOps, Security and related trends to the general public during the course of the four-day event. Whether you are interested in low level system tuning, how to scale and secure your applications, or how to use OSS at home - SCALE is for you.

Some of this year's highlights include keynotes by Internet pioneer Vint Cerf, who now serves as Chief Internet Evangelist for Google, and Demetris Cheatham, Senior Director, Diversity and Inclusion.

Along with over 100 speakers in sessions spanning the four-day event, SCALE 19x also brings about 100 exhibitors to the expo floor providing their latest software and other developments. In addition, co-located events return to SCALE 19x, which include sessions by IEEE SA Open, AWS, FreeBSD, PostgreSQL, and DevOps Day LA among others. More information on the co-located events can be found at

Sponsors – both long-time friends of the Expo and newcomers with whom we expect a long relationship – have lined up to support SCALE 19x. Amazon Web Services – AWS for short – leads off the Platinum List, along with Portworx and Mattermost.

Returning to the Hilton Los Angeles Airport hotel provides that there’s one place to stay and attend during the four-day Expo. The Hilton LAX offers a special deal for SCALE 19x attendees, and to take advantage of the savings, visit

And, of course, SCALE wouldn’t be SCALE without the attendees – registration for SCALE 19x ranges from an expo-only pass to an all-access SCALE Pass for the exhibit floor and speakers. To register, visit

For more information, visit

How You Can Change the Cursor Theme on Your Ubuntu Desktop

How You Can Change the Cursor Theme on Your Ubuntu Desktop

Are you finding an alternative for your default Yaru cursor themes on Ubuntu? This article is where you’ll get to know about the procedure of changing and installing cursor themes on Ubuntu. So, read on and find out.

Change the Cursor Themes Using GNOME Tweak

To change the mouse pointer theme on Ubuntu, open the Software app. Then, look out for the GNOME Tweaks tool. GNOME Tweaks is one of the most-used configuration tools to manage the GNOME desktop. So, install the same, without any delay. 

After installing GNOME Tweaks, navigate to the top-left ‘Activities’ overview. Go to GNOME Tweaks and open it. Once you open GNOME Tweaks, go to the Appearance option from the left pane. Choose a different cursor theme from the drop-down menu.

Ubuntu Change The Cursor Theme 3


Note: Since Ubuntu is the default Linux distribution for GNOME Desktops, you can apply this method for other distributions as well, including Debian, CentOS, Fedora, SUSE Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and other GNOME-based Linux distros.

5 Beautiful Cursor Themes for Ubuntu

There might not be plenty of cursor themes available. But, you can always install any of them from the internet. Below are some of the most excellent cursor themes to choose from.

Oreo Cursors

Oreo offers colored cursors with cute animations. They have 64 px and 32 px with HiDPI (High Dots Per Inch) display support for Linux desktops. You can get more than 10 varieties in the colors of the cursors. The icon theme comprises various states of a cursor within the cursor icon itself. If you find the Oreo Cursors attractive, you can get them here.

Ubuntu Change The Cursor Theme 2

Bibata Cursors

Another favorite cursor theme is Bibata. Bibata Cursors is a modern-style cursor theme available for Ubuntu. And it comes in three different options: Classic, Ice, and Amber. Bibata supports HiDPI Display also. Each of the themes of Bibata has round and sharp edge icons. If you want Bibata Cursors for your Linux desktop, find them here.