Case Study: Success of Pardus GNU/Linux Migration

Pardus GNU/Linux Migration

Eyüpsultan Municipality decided to use an open source operating system in desktop computers in 2015.

The most important goal of the project was to ensure information security and reduce foreign dependency.

As a result of the research and analyzes prepared, a detailed migration plan was prepared.

As a first step, licensed office software installed on all computers has been removed. LibreOffice software was installed instead.

Later, LibreOffice training was given to the municipal staff.

Pardus GNU/Linux

Meanwhile, preparations were made for the operating system migration.

Instead of the existing licensed operating system, Turkey's developed Pardus GNU / Linux distribution was decided to use.

Applications on the Pardus GNU / linux operating system were examined in detail and unnecessary applications were removed.

And a new ISO file was created with the applications used in Eyüpsultan municipality.

This process automated the setup steps and reduced setup time.

While the project continued at full speed, the staff were again trained on LibreOffice and Pardus GNU / linux.

After their training, the users took the exam.

The Pardus GNU / Linux operating system was installed on the computers of the successful ones.

Those who failed were retrained and took the exam again.

As of 2016, 25% of a computer's operating system migration was completed.

Immigration Project Implementation Steps


A detailed inventory of all software and hardware products used in the institution was created. The analysis should go down to the department, unit and personnel details.

It should be evaluated whether extra costs will arise in the migration project.


Migration plan should be prepared, migration targets should be determined.

The duration of the migration should be calculated and the team that will carry out the migration should be determined.


You can use an existing Linux distribution.

Or you can customize the distribution you will use according to your own preferences.

Making a customized ISO file will give you speed and flexibility.ISO file icon

It also helps you compensate for the loss of time caused by incorrect entries.


Start using the ISO file you have prepared in a lab environment consisting of the hardware you use.

Look for solutions, noting any problems encountered during and after installation.