Linux Journal ASCII Art Contest

LJ ASCII art cover contest

Do you have l33t ASCII/ANSI art skillz? Your work could grace the cover of Linux Journal!

That's right—your ASCII art on the cover of the longest-running Linux publication on the planet.

What the artwork is depicting is, really, up to you. But, since this is Linux Journal, here are a few good ideas:

  • Something involving Tux the Penguin.
  • Something involving Linux in general.
  • Something involving terminals or computers in general.
  • Something else entirely, so long as it makes us think, "Gee, Linux is awesome."

How to submit your entry:

  1. Make sure your ASCII or ANSI artwork is saved as an image file (jpg or png) that is roughly 1600 x 1600 (give or take—larger is fine as well).
  2. Email that image, along with how you want your name to appear, to
  3. Make sure it's postmarked (yeah, I know, that's not really a thing with email, but I felt like using that word today) by July 1, 2019.


  • Q: Should my ASCII/ANSI art use colors?
  • A: Up to you!
  • Q: Should I also include the raw text version of the ASCII art when I submit it?
  • A: Sure! That'd be groovy!
  • Q: How awesome will I feel when I see my ASCII art on the cover of Linux Journal?
  • A: Very.