E8Storage and ThinkParQ Work Together to Deliver Faster Backups, Microsoft Edge Browser on Linux Desktop, ZFS into Ubuntu Installer Update, GRUB v2.04 New Features, GhostBSD Released

The NVMe over Fabric array supplier, E8 Storage, is working with ThinkParQ's clustered parallel file system for Linux, BeeGFS to deliver faster backups of user data.

Now that Microsoft's Edge browser is built on a Chromium base, it may eventually find itself on a Linux desktop near you.

While significant progress is being made to integrate ZFS into the Ubuntu installer, it would seem that it may not make it in time for version 19.04. Support for this may end up in version 19.10 instead.

The release candidate for GRUB version 2.04 is out boasting new features: supporting new file systems, secure boot, Btrfs RAID5/6 and more.

The 4th release candidate of GhostBSD version 19.04 was released yesterday, making it almost ready for a final stable release.