Temperature Monitoring Support for AMD Zen 2, PowerPC On-Chip Controller in 4.21 Kernel, Changes Coming in the MIPS Arena, 4MLinux Beta Release

Temperature monitoring support for the AMD Zen 2 microprocessor is hitting the 4.21 Linux kernel.

The 4.21 kernel is also introducing the PowerPC On-Chip Controller (OCC), which reports sensor data ranging from temperatures to power. The same OCC hardware is available on IBM POWER platforms and more specifically, their POWER8 and POWER9 generation processors.

It doesn't stop there with the 4.21 kernel. A lot of changes are coming in the MIPS microprocessor arena. The changes are both large and small from removing floating point support and shrinking the kernel for the architecture (in preparation for nanoMIPS), alongside many other optimizations and changes. You can read the full list here.

4MLinux just released its beta release of version 28.0 for testing. It is expected that the stable release will be made available in March 2019.