Radxa Launching the Rock Pi SBC, Mender.io Collaborating with Google Cloud IoT Core, Parasoft’s New Initiative to Support Open-Source Projects, New Foundation Formed for GraphQL and Keeper Security Announces BreachWatch Dark Web Monitoring Product

News briefs for November 7, 2018.

Radxa is launching a Raspberry Pi clone called the Rock Pi that runs Linux or Android on a hexa-core Rockchip RK3399 SoC. LinuxGizmos writes that the Rock Pi will closely match the RPi 3 layout and "may be the most affordable RK3399 based SBC yet, starting at $39 with 1GB RAM".

Mender.io, the open-source update manager for IoT, announces its collaboration with Google Cloud IoT Core "to create a reference integration enabling rapid detection and updates of issues in IoT devices". Thomas Ryd, CEO of Northern.tech, the company behind the Mender.io project says, "Almost daily news stories circulate about bricked devices due to poor home-built update tools. We are inspired to address this common problem with an open-source project." The collaboration has "resulted in a tutorial and reference integration to easily detect issues with Cloud IoT Core and the ability to correct those issues via updates to IoT devices with Mender. Users of Cloud IoT Core now have a secure and robust way to keep their Linux devices securely updated." See the Google blog post for more details.

Parasoft announces a new initiative to support open-source projects and communities. The company plans to offer free access to its tool suite "enabling developers to leverage test automation software, deep code analysis, and security capabilities for their open-source projects". To be eligible, developers must "prove they are an active contributor and vital to an open-source project that is recognized within the global open-source community. The free user licenses will be valid for one year." Send email to opensource@parasoft.com for more information.

The Linux Foundation is forming a new foundation to support the open-source GraphQL specification. eWeek reports that "the move to create a new vendor-neutral independent foundation under the Linux Foundation will help further advance the development of GraphQL". The GraphQL started out as an internal project at Facebook for its newsfeed API and was open-sourced in 2015. Currently, the specification is used "beyond Facebook by web properties including GitHub, Shopify, Twitter and Airbnb, among others".

Keeper Security announces its new BreachWatch dark web monitoring product. BreachWatch searches the dark web for user accounts from compromised websites and notifies users when it finds their account information, alerting them to update their credentials. BreachWatch is available for iOS, Android and Linux. See the press release for more information.