Qt 5.12 LTS Beta Released, Yabits Now Available, Manjaro-Illyria and New Bladebook Coming Soon, First DNSSEC Rollover Next Week and Secret Text Adventure Game Found on Google.com

News briefs for October 5, 2018.

Qt 5.12 LTS beta was released this morning. Qt 5.12 will be a long-term supported release, and it'll be supported for three years. Improved performance and reduced memory consumption have been a focus for this version, and it also now provides the TableView control. See the Qt 5.12 wiki for an overview of all the new features.

Yabits, a new UEFI Coreboot payload alternative, made its debut last month. According to Phoronix, Yabits "aims to deliver the same UEFI x86_64 booting capabilities as TianoCore but with a much smaller code-base for environments like embedded systems and the cloud". Future plans for Yabits include "ARM support, Secure Boot capabilities, Graphical Output Protocol handling, and the ability to boot Windows".

Manjaro-Illyria 18.0 is coming soon. Appuals reports that eight updates have been released in this past week, including updates to the 4.19-rc6 kernel, NVIDIA 410.57 drivers added, Wine upgraded to 3.17, upstream fixes to Haskell and Python packages, a new "smooth bootup experience", and Deepin and GNOME package updates. In addition, the Manjaro team is also working on the Bladebook Fall 2018, which will run Manjaro KDE 18.0 preinstalled "with the Intel Apollo Lake Quad-Core HD APU, a fanless metal material, and utilize eMMC as its primary storage, although the dev states that additional M2-SSD could be possible." See https://manjaro.org/hardware for more information.

The first DNSSEC root key rollover will happen on October 11, 2018. See the Red Hat Blog post for what you need to know about the rollover.

Users have discovered a secret text adventure game hidden in Google.com. You need to be using Chrome, Firefox or Edge for it to work. See the story on The Verge for details.