California Enacts Net Neutrality Law and the Justice Department Immediately Files a Lawsuit, Tim Berners-Lee Announces His New Project Solid, MS-DOS Source Code Now Available on GitHub, Haiku R1/beta1 Released and openSUSE Will Have a Summit at SCaLE

News briefs for October 1, 2018.

California enacts net neutrality law, and the Justice Department immediately files a lawsuit against California. Attorney General Jeff Sessions stated "Once again the California legislature has enacted an extreme and illegal state law attempting to frustrate federal policy. The Justice Department should not have to spend valuable time and resources to file this suit today, but we have a duty to defend the prerogatives of the federal government and protect our Constitutional order."

Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the world wide web, announces his new project Solid, "an open-source project to restore the power and agency of individuals on the web". He writes "Solid changes the current model where users have to hand over personal data to digital giants in exchange for perceived value. As we've all discovered, this hasn't been in our best interests. Solid is how we evolve the web in order to restore balance—by giving every one of us complete control over data, personal or not, in a revolutionary way."

MS-DOS source code is now available on GitHub. These are the same files that were originally released to the Computer History Museum in 2014. They were "(re)published in this repo to make them easier to find, reference-to in external writing and works, and to allow exploration and experimentation for those interested in early PC Operating Systems".

Haiku R1/beta1 has been released, nearly six years since its last release in November 2012. Because of the long gap between releases, this version has a significant amount of changes, the largest being the addition of a complete package management system. You can download Haiku from here.

openSUSE announces it will have a summit at SCaLE on March 8, 2019 (SCaLE runs March 7–10, 2019). The Call for Papers for the openSUSE Summit closes January 10, 2019. Visit the conference website for more information.