GDB 8.2 Released, Kernel 4.19 Officially the Next LTS Series, Cloudera Launches Open-Source IoT Architecture and Purism’s Librem 5 Production Update

News briefs September 5, 2018.

GDB 8.2 has been released. This new version of the GNU Debugger includes support for RiscV ELF, various Python and Aarch64/Linux enhancements, improved flexibility for loading symbol files and more. For more details on all the changes, visit here, and you can download it from the ftp site:

Greg Kroah-Hartman confirmed that the Linux 4.19 kernel will officially be the next LTS series, Softpedia News reports. The 4.19 kernel will be an end-of-year release, likely out in mid-to-late October of this year.

Cloudera has launched an open-source, IoT architecture in collaboration with Red Hat and Eurotech. According to the press release, this end-to-end architecture is "based on open standards and is integrated, flexible and runs on multi- or hybrid-cloud environments", and it's "designed to provide the foundational components that organizations need to quickly and securely roll out IoT use cases".

Purism announces an update to the production and shipping schedule for the Librem 5, "the world's first ethical, user-controlled smartphone". Shipping is now planned for April 2019, due to two silicon bugs that were discovered in the Librem 5's CPU, which is manufactured by NXP. The phones are pre-selling for $599 and run Purism's Free Software Foundation-endorsed PureOS.