Google Hands Off Kubernetes to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Kinetica Joins Automotive Grade Linux, NordVPN Releases NordVPN Linux App, Storj Labs Announces The Open Source Partner Program and Update on Librem 5 Phone

News briefs for August 30, 2018.

Google is handing over control of the Kubernetes project to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. According to the TechCrunch post, Google is providing the foundation $9 million in Google Cloud credits to help cover the costs of building, testing and distributing the software.

Kinetica, "the insight engine for the Extreme Data Economy", is "taking steps to bring advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and its GPU engine to the global automotive industry" and becoming a silver member of The Linux Foundation and a bronze member of Automotive Grade Linux. Kinetica also has announced it is releasing Mapbox, its location data platform for mobile and web applications, to the Open Source community.

NordVPN recently released the NordVPN Linux app. This dedicated app for Linux makes it even easier to install the VPN on your machine. For more information and to download, visit the NordVPN for Linux download page.

Storj Labs, a decentralized cloud storage company, has announced The Open Source Partner Program, "a partnership that will enable open-source projects to generate revenue when their users store data in the cloud". According to ZDNet, Storj's executive chairman Ben Golub calls Storj Labs' decentralized storage technology "AirBnB for hard drives", and says that "the Storj network, unlike conventional cloud storage, will provide a sustaining revenue stream to open-source projects using the Storj network." It plans to give 60% of its gross revenue to the storage farmers and split the remaining 40% with open-source developers.

Purism yesterday provided an update on the development of its Chatty chat application for the Librem 5 phone. According to the post, "At the moment Chatty can perform some basic (and arguably most difficult task of) send and receive operations with SMS via ModemManager and a SIMCOM modem, as well as with XMPP/OMEMO messages via libpurple and the lurch plugin."