Atari VCS Finally on Indiegogo, Free Software Directory Meet-up Tomorrow, Minifree Libreboot X200 Tablet Has Been FSF-Certified and More

News briefs for May 31, 2018.

The Atari VCS finally appeared on Indiegogo this week and already has $2,083,244 USD at the time of this writing (the goal was $100,000). The user interface is proprietary, but it's "built on an open source Linux OS so you can add your own software and apps to customize your own platform". The Indiegogo page also mentions that "a planned line of Atari VCS peripherals and accessories will let you build your own Game and Entertainment-Powered 'Connected Home' experience." It will include classic arcade games as well as modern titles and is expected to begin shipping in July 2019.

Join the Friday Free Software Directory IRC meet-up tomorrow, June 1, 12pm EDT to 3pm EDT. This week's theme is health software, and the meeting is on IRC in the #fsf channel on

There's a new open-source framework for government projects: the Louisville Metro Government recently made its traffic data infrastructure available in the cloud and open-sourced the code, allowing other cities to build upon it, Route 50 reports. Louisville had won an Amazon Web Services grant last year to "merge its traffic data with Waze's and then run predictive analytics in the cloud to better time traffic signals to manage flow." More than 80 local, state and federal governments are now part of the Waze Connected Citizens Program, and the network is expanding to other open-source projects and is called the Open Government Coalition.

Redis 5.0 RC1 is out for testing this week, Phoronix reports. The biggest new feature is the Streams data type implementation, but 5.0 also offers new APIs, better memory reporting and more. See the Redis 5.0 RC1 announcement for all the details.

The Minifree Libreboot X200 tablet has been FSF-certified, which means "the product meets the FSF's standards in regard to users' freedom, control over the product, and privacy". The X200 tablet is a "fully free laptop/tablet hybrid that comes with Trisquel and Libreboot pre-installed. The device is similar to the previously certified Libreboot X200 laptop, but with a built-in tablet that enables users to draw, sign documents, or make handwritten notes."