WineHQ, Malware in Ubuntu Snap Store, Linux Kernel 4.17, Hardware Security Updates to Android, PGP and S/MIME Vulnerabilities

News briefs for May 14, 2018.

Late last week, the team over at WineHQ announced the release of version 3.8, containing bug fixes alongside a few feature enhancements.

Masquerading as a systemd package, it has been revealed that malware is hiding in plain site over at the Ubuntu Snap Store. Know your sources and always be cautious when installing third party application. This is true, regardless of the operating system.

Linux kernel 4.17 release candidate 5 has officially landed. It is mostly packed with driver updates.

Here is a bit of good news for Android users: presented at Google I/O 2018, Google may start forcing hardware manufacturers to push security updates on a more regular basis.

Attention PGP and S/MIME users: new vulnerabilities revealed which require immediate updates. Those who are immediately affected are the ones relying on such decryption tools for e-mail communication.