OpenShift, IBM Cloud, Azure, Linux apps on Chrome OS, Twitter, Serious Flaw on AMD and Intel x86 CPUs

Red Hat has been making headlines with the recent announcement that they will be teaming up with IBM to integrate OpenShift (Red Hat’s commercial Kubernetes offering) into IBM’s Cloud to help accelerate container adoption.


At the same time, Red Hat expanded beyond IBM and is now also working with Microsoft to provide the same OpenShift platform to Azure.


It is now official, Google announced during the Google I/O summit that Project Crostini is making it possible for users to install Linux applications on Chrome OS via DEB files (from Debian Stretch). This is on top of the already integrated support for Android apps.


A serious flaw was recently discovered affecting all major operating systems running on AMD and Intel x86 CPUs. The vulnerability was exposed by developers misinterpreting debug documentation provided by the chip manufacturers, which allows an authenticated attacker the ability to read sensitive data in memory and more. These same major operating system are already rolling out patches to address this issue. Be sure to update your distribution.


In an effort to increase user security, Twitter may start including an encrypted direct messaging feature for their Android app. This was observed by Jane Manchun Wong as she started to dig through the code.

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