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Cooking with Linux (without a Net): Video editing on Linux using Kdenlive and ArcoLinux, too!

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It's another Tuesday and another excuse to sip some red while doing some live Linux and open-source experimentation. Yes, it's time for Cooking with Linux (without a Net), and on today's show, I'll show you how to edit a video using the Kdenlive video editor, how to trim said video, adjust audio, fade between clips and apply all sorts of fun effects. Then, I'll show you how to turn that masterpiece into a video format suitable for uploading to YouTube! All of it live, on camera, and without the benefit of post video editing—therefore providing a high probability of falling flat on my face. Once we're done doing art, I'll try out ArcoLinux, another distribution you've probably never heard of, and I'll go through the installation for you. If it wasn't already obvious, this is a pre-recorded video of a live show.

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