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Endless OS and Asus, Update on L1TF Exploit, Free Red Hat DevConf.US in Boston, Linux 4.19 Kernel Update

Some of us may recall a time when ASUS used to ship a stripped down version of Xandros Linux with their line of Eee PC netbooks. Last week, the same company announced that Endless OS will be supporting non-OS offerings of their product. However it comes with a big disclaimer stating that ASUS will not officially support the operating system's compatibility issues.

The latest update on the L1TF exploit: the 4.18, 4.17, 4.14, 4.9 and 4.4 Linux kernels have all been updated to mitigate the vulnerability.

From today to Sunday, August 19, Red Hat is hosting their first free and annual DevConf.US developer summit in Boston. If you are interested in attending or wish to learn more, details can be found here.

Many updates and features are finding their way into the Linux 4.19 kernel; features that include better CPU power management. Also included are NVM block device, file system, video code enhancements and more.

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